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Sweet Outdoor Adventures of Jake Honey
Mild and Wild Adventure Stories    
  Introducing...   Jake Honey

  Jake Honey   
  Page 6 Photo Reference of Deer, Photo of Natural Grasslands and Woods, and Photo Referenc of a Hawk.P  
  Page 14 Photo of Larry's Bicycle with Playing Card held by a Clothes Pin, and Photo of a Tire Pump.  
  Page 19 Photo of Pitcher's Mound, Photo of Baseball's Seam, Photo of Pitcher holding a Knuckel Ball.  
  Page 23 Photo of Jake Honey's Home and Yard shown with Criss-Cross Mowing Lines.  
  Page 31 Photo Sequence of a Baseball Pitcher's Delivery.  
  Page 32 Photo of Jake Honey's Lawn Mower showing the Wheel Assembly to adjust the Deck Height.  
  Back Inside Cover Photo of Author Mel Oliva and Coach Baier's Softball Tounament Champions Plaque,
an Animated Sequence of a Softball Pitcher's Delivery, a congratulatory statement, and a farewell message.

Congratulations to the 2014 Shark's Girls !!!

Addison-6th Grade • Alisyn-6th Grade • Allie-6th Grade • Chelsie-6th Grade

Ivy-6th Grade • Kelsey-5th Grade • Madeine-6th Grade • Maddy-6th Grade

Makenna-6th Grade • Molly-6th Grade • Rylee-6th Grade • Savannah-6th Grade


After many years of Coaching youth Baseball and Softball, being a League Director,

and being a Trustee on the Board of Directors within the Millard Athletic Association,

it seams fitting to finish my enjoyable girls softball coaching career upon my

SHARKS softball team winning the 2014 Post Season Tournament.

To my SHARK girls, I will miss you and will keep cheering you on.

EVERY  WEEK  IS  SHARK  WEEK...  Coach  Mel 

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